Migrations Book

‘Migrations: New perspectives on painting’ documents a new series of artworks by Danish artist Bibi Katholm. Over a year in development, the paintings are a major shift in Katholm’s work, signifying a step towards full abstraction along with a totally fresh approach to displaying paintings.

To help conserve natural resources, this book is made as print on demand.


This new direction and approach to painting is now displayed in book form.

Katholm’s new series embodies a spirit of playfulness that is true to the essence of the creative process. In ‘Migrations’, paintings become dynamic entities that interact, and self reflect, tempting viewers to rethink what a painting can be. Paintings move off the walls, invert themselves, and show their backsides proudly, as they become sculptural elements, enticing viewers to view them from all sides. Paint becomes both subject and actor, accentuating its liquid quality, while flowing through pictorial space and more literally the raw canvas. The back sides of images become the front.


Below are a few sample pages from the book:


Artist: Bibi Katholm,

Edited by: Will Gurley

Photographs by: Jenny Sundby

Text by: Iben Bach Elmstrom

Text by: Alex White

Text by: Bibi Katholm

Introduction by: Will Gurley

Published by: Supine Valley Publications

Pages: 160

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions: US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

Publication Date: Jul 30, 2022

Language: English

ISBN 9781471067150

Category: Art & Photography

Copyright: All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License