Artist portrait by Jenny Sundby, 2022.


Bibi Katholm

Visual artist. MA Painting, Royal College of Art London.

Born in Denmark and currently based in Copenhagen.

Bibi Katholm’s painting is about movement, time, rhythm and fluidity. She is interested in the nature of painting and how it has survived several dissolutions and declines, but still persists as a lively and bodily artistic medium. One that’s never actuallychallenged by technological advancement or artificial intelligence.

Katholm’s works are characterised by an abstract force, freed from the restraint of specific narrative interpretation. In this sense, her works emerge like the collapse of a singular signifying language, while addressing the rise of movement, co-activity, experimentation, hybridisation and improvisational actions.

Katholm has travelled extensively while exhibiting her work and curating exhibitions internationally. She has had work presented in various group and solo exhibitions in cities such as Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, and New York.

Inquire about upcoming projects, exhibitions and work:

Studio Bibi Katholm
1650 Copenhagen V. DK

email: bibi.katholm@gmail.com

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